Enix & Associates Wins 2011 Intuit Ambassador Award

Enix & Associates was named the 2011 Intuit Ambassador Award winner at the annual Intuit Solution Provider Summit held October, 2011 at Orlando Renaissance - Sea World.  E&A was selected from over 500 ISPs nationwide. 

Simon Pass, Emerging Channels - ISP Sales Leader had this to say about the award:  "Intuit lives by a handful of operating values: integrity without compromise, innovate and improve, delight customers and own the outcome.  Intuit has growth mindsets that include Adopt And Go, Need For Speed, It's all About Learning - Enix & Associates lives and breathes these same philosophies.  David and his staff are constantly trying new and innovative things, going the extra mile to satisfy customers, testing and fully adopting things that work."

David accepted the award on behalf of E&A from Simon & Dave Vieregg, Director, Emerging Channels at the annual awards session.

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