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How to Modify and Customize a Report in QuickBooks Premier 2015

Reporting in QuickBooks Premier 2015

If you’re using QuickBooks as an accounting tool for your business, it probably contains a lot of financial information about your company.  But what good is a lot of information if it isn’t useful to you.  This article contains some useful QuickBooks reporting tips.  You will learn how to make the information in your data file informative by filtering and customizing reports so you can get the information you need quickly and easily.

How to Enter Expenses in QuickBooks Online

Entering expenses into QBO QuickBooks Online

Entering expenses in QuickBooks Online (QBO) is easy. From the Home Page you click on the + sign to bring up the transaction menu.

Under the Vendors menu you can see the various choices such as Expense, Check & Bill.  This Expense option is not available in the desktop versions of QuickBooks Pro or Premier.  In reality the end result is the same.  Whether you enter an expense via the Expense option or the Check option the accounting behind the scenes is identical.

How To Convert A QuickBooks Enterprise Company File to QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online How To

QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions’ conversion to QuickBooks Online is different than converting a QuickBooks Pro or Premier company file to QBO.  In short, it’s not as easy or straight-forward but with a few tips we can help make it possible.

First of all you must be using Internet Explorer 10 or higher.

Click on File > Utilities > Copy Company File For QuickBooks Online

This Week's Question: How do I use Sales Orders in QuickBooks Point of Sale?

sales order book
  • A Sales Order is typically used for items that you normally do not stock or something that will be a one-time order.
  • First you want to make sure that the Sales Order Preference is turned on.  You get here by clicking on File > Preferences > Company > General

Turn on sales order preference

What are the Best Ways to Ring Up Sales in QuickBooks Point of Sale 2013?

Ring up sales

There are four ways to ring up a sales in QuickBooks POS.  The two easiest ways are to click on the “Make a Sale” shortcut button or the “Make a Sale” icon in the Point of Sale sections of the Home page.

make a sale

Once you have your items setup in QuickBooks checkout is easy.  You can either use the barcode scanner if you have generated barcode labels for your products or you can type in the item number to add to the sales receipt. 

Entering Transactions in QuickBooks Online & Downloading Bank Transactions

QuickBooks Online QBO

First you click on the Quick Create Menu which is the plus sign at the top of the window.

Quick create menu

Then you will display a complete list of transactions that you can enter as shown below.

list of transactions

In this example, we’ll click on the Bill transaction that is shown under the Vendors menu.

Create a Budget in QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online QBO

Start by clicking on the gear Icon in the upper right hand corner.

sample company

Under the tools menu you will click on Budgeting as shown below.

click on budgeting

Click on New Budget to start the process.

new budget

Bar Coding with QuickBooks Enterprise & Advanced Inventory

using barcodes with quickbooks

Bar coding only works with Enterprise Solutions with an Advanced Inventory subscription.  Bar coding is not available in QuickBooks Pro or QuickBooks Premier.

To turn on bar coding, go to

Edit > Preferences > Items & Inventory > Company Preferences and click on the Advanced Inventory Settings button as shown below.

advanced inventory settings in quickbooks enterprise

Click on the Barcodes tab as shown below.

How to Use Bookmarks in QuickBooks Online

quickbooks online

Bookmarks are a huge time saver in QuickBooks Online, especially when using Chrome.  Here’s how...

Let’s say for example you look at your Profit & Loss statement often.  Let’s put it on your Bookmarks bar so you have one click access.

Click on Reports, then Profit & Loss.

Quickbooks online P&L report