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Add a Signature or Logo to Your Checks Automatically When You Print Them From QuickBooks

QuickBooks Checks

One neat feature in QuickBooks that you may not be aware of is the ability to print a signature on your checks.  This process can save you time and help make preparing checks and paychecks more efficient.

This option is not available in QuickBooks Online yet.

To begin you need to create a digital signature

Your signature image should have an 11:3 aspect ratio. The signature needs to be sized to fit into the 2-3/4 inch wide by 3/4 inch tall space above the signature line on Intuit checks. 

There are several ways to create a digital signature including:

Simplify the QuickBooks 1099 Process with Track1099

QuickBooks and Track1099

Filing QuickBooks 1099s Electronically

This was the first year I filed all of our client’s 1099’s electronically.  I used Track1099 for all of my filings and I loved it!  It is very easy to sync the data from any version of QuickBooks and then process 1099’s online.  You can use Track1099 to deliver your forms to the recipients by Mail or Email.  And your forms will be E-filed with the IRS.  The price is very reasonable.  You won’t have to pay for more forms than you need.  And you won’t have to worry about stamps or making a trip to the post office.  Track1099 is practical for indi

What's New in QuickBooks 2016 Desktop

What's new in QuickBooks 2016

QuickBooks Bill Tracker

One of the new features in 2016 is the Bill Tracker.  This can be located by clicking the Icon on the Navigation Bar as shown below or by clicking the Vendors drop down menu.  Similar to the Income tracker from previous years, this feature allows us to track “money out” and is available in all 2016 versions.  Below are some highlights of this new feature:

QuickBooks Online: How to Record and Process Credit Card Payments

Processing credit card payments in QuickBooks Online

There are a variety of ways to record or process a credit card payment so that it will show up in your QuickBooks Online.  This article will discuss using Sales Receipt, Receive Payment and Bank Deposit to record customer payments. It will also discuss how payments received from customers using the Intuit Payment Network service will get entered into QuickBooks Online.

Process a Credit Card Payment through the Sales Receipt Option

A sales receipt is useful when there is no invoice for the customer in QuickBooks and you don't want to create one.

How to Record Joint (Two-Party) Checks in QuickBooks

Joint two-party checks

In most cases, joint checks (sometimes called Two-Party checks) are received by sub-contractors in the construction industry.  Many of our contractor clients receive these checks and they are made payable to “XYZ Sub-Contractor” and “ABC Supplier.”  In this case, ABC Supplier is the Vendor of XYZ Sub-Contractor and has supplied material for a particular job.

The General Contractor does this with the intent to ensure the supplier gets paid timely by the sub-contractor.  Additionally, this will prevent a lien from being attached to the property.

Using Bank Feeds in QuickBooks Online - QBO

bank feeds in QBO

If you’d like to save time from manual data entry, consider using Bank Feeds to connect to your bank and credit card accounts to QuickBooks Online (QBO).  You will have the flexibility to see which transactions in the bank match transactions already in QuickBooks as well as easily add transactions that aren’t already in QuickBooks.  Over the course of time, the process of adding and matching transactions from your bank feed into QBO gets easier and faster because QuickBooks learns from your choices and offers suggestions to help expedite the process.