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POS User Permissions: Changing Quantity of Items

Point of Sale Security Settings

What happens when you want to limit an employee's ability to edit items in POS inventory?

One of our customers recently faced this situation in their business. They had tried unsuccessfully to change their QuickBooks Point of Sale permissions to prevent their manager from editing quantity amounts of items. Although the edit quantity and edit items are both unchecked for the manager position, the manager was still capable of changing quantities.

This Week's Question: Excluding Invoices from Accounts Receivable Summary Report

Accounts Receivable Reporting

Q – I want to be able to run an Accounts Receivable Summary report for my company but exclude specific invoices for specific customers.  There are certain invoices on our aging that are tied to a legal issue that must remain on our books so we want to run an Accounts Receivable Aging for internal purposes that excludes these invoices.  Is this possible?

Sending Forms with QuickBooks

Sending forms and reports email from QuickBooks

QuickBooks allows you to send a variety of forms through e-mail.  You have the flexibility of  choosing from three methods; your own Web Mail account, Outlook or QuickBooks e-mail. This article will summarize each of the methods and walk you through the set up of each.

Email Overview

You can email forms and reports directly from QuickBooks using:

Working with Accountant's Copy in QuickBooks

QuickBooks Accountant's Copy

If you’re using your QuickBooks software for a business, it’s very likely you will need to share your data with an accountant or another third party at some point.  Often that person will need to make some changes to the file.  It is not always practical to give them a copy of the file and wait for them to make the changes and return it.  Fortunately QuickBooks includes an "Accountant’s Copy" feature which allows you to keep your file and continue entering transactions in the “current period” and, at the same time, allows your accountant to make changes to the file in the Acc

This Week's Question: When Check Register Balance Does Not Equal the Chart of Accounts Balance

Checking Account Balance

Q - Why does the balance for my checking account in the chart of accounts listing not equal the correct balance on my bank register and Balance Sheet?

A - This is a common question we get and the source of the problem can be related to several factors.  The first thing you want to do is run the Balance Sheet with a date range of "All" to ensure we are getting all transactions that make up the balance.  Many times post dated transactions are in your data file that will cause this scenario.

This Week's Question: Paying for Expenses from the Cash Drawer in POS

Point of Sale Cash Drawer

Q - In QuickBooks Point of Sale how do I properly show a payout when I pay for expenses out of the cash drawer?

A - This is a great question and is actually quite easy if you follow a few simple steps.  It's important to know good internal controls are imperative if the cash drawer is going to be used on a regular basis for minor expenses.  These controls will allow you to properly account for the drawer's activity at the end of the day.

Click on Point of Sale > New Payout. A window will pop up as shown below.

QuickBooks Report: Deposit Listing By Bank Account

QuickBooks Deposit Listing Report

Q - How can I generate a deposit report for a particular time period by grand total?  I do not need details per customer.  I'm looking for more of a global report.

A - I get this question often because frequently there are significant discrepancies between the net income on the P&L and the amount of deposits made to the bank. There is one standard report that gets you close to this objective but not quite. This is the Deposit Detail report.

This Week's Question: Recording Short Payments in QuickBooks

Tips for handling bad debt in QuickBooks

Q - How do I handle a short payment by a customer in QuickBooks?  How do I just write off the amount if it is not worth pursuing or if I do not want to pursue collection?

How to Import PayPal Transactions into QuickBooks

Importing PayPal into QuickBooks

PayPal is an international e-commerce business allowing payments and money transfers to be made through the Internet for a fee. Millions of companies use PayPal and if you are one of them or are considering becoming a user you may be wondering how to get the information from PayPal into QuickBooks.