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What are the Best Ways to Ring Up Sales in QuickBooks Point of Sale 2013?

Ring up sales

There are four ways to ring up a sales in QuickBooks POS.  The two easiest ways are to click on the “Make a Sale” shortcut button or the “Make a Sale” icon in the Point of Sale sections of the Home page.

make a sale

Once you have your items setup in QuickBooks checkout is easy.  You can either use the barcode scanner if you have generated barcode labels for your products or you can type in the item number to add to the sales receipt. 

Entering Transactions in QuickBooks Online & Downloading Bank Transactions

QuickBooks Online QBO

First you click on the Quick Create Menu which is the plus sign at the top of the window.

Quick create menu

Then you will display a complete list of transactions that you can enter as shown below.

list of transactions

In this example, we’ll click on the Bill transaction that is shown under the Vendors menu.

Create a Budget in QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online QBO

Start by clicking on the gear Icon in the upper right hand corner.

sample company

Under the tools menu you will click on Budgeting as shown below.

click on budgeting

Click on New Budget to start the process.

new budget

Bar Coding with QuickBooks Enterprise & Advanced Inventory

using barcodes with quickbooks

Bar coding only works with Enterprise Solutions with an Advanced Inventory subscription.  Bar coding is not available in QuickBooks Pro or QuickBooks Premier.

To turn on bar coding, go to

Edit > Preferences > Items & Inventory > Company Preferences and click on the Advanced Inventory Settings button as shown below.

advanced inventory settings in quickbooks enterprise

Click on the Barcodes tab as shown below.

How to Use Bookmarks in QuickBooks Online

quickbooks online

Bookmarks are a huge time saver in QuickBooks Online, especially when using Chrome.  Here’s how...

Let’s say for example you look at your Profit & Loss statement often.  Let’s put it on your Bookmarks bar so you have one click access.

Click on Reports, then Profit & Loss.

Quickbooks online P&L report


QuickBooks Online (QBO) Tips & Tricks

QuickBooks Online QBO

Did you know...?

You can Play in a QuickBooks Online Sample Company at No Charge

Just visit the following link and do whatever you want to help yourself learn the product.  Nothing you do will be saved, but this is a great place to begin learning about QBO.  This sample company is a U.S. based Landscaping Service business and is ready for you to take a test drive.

POS User Permissions: Changing Quantity of Items

Point of Sale Security Settings

What happens when you want to limit an employee's ability to edit items in POS inventory?

One of our customers recently faced this situation in their business. They had tried unsuccessfully to change their QuickBooks Point of Sale permissions to prevent their manager from editing quantity amounts of items. Although the edit quantity and edit items are both unchecked for the manager position, the manager was still capable of changing quantities.

This Week's Question: Excluding Invoices from Accounts Receivable Summary Report

Accounts Receivable Reporting

Q – I want to be able to run an Accounts Receivable Summary report for my company but exclude specific invoices for specific customers.  There are certain invoices on our aging that are tied to a legal issue that must remain on our books so we want to run an Accounts Receivable Aging for internal purposes that excludes these invoices.  Is this possible?

Sending Forms with QuickBooks

Sending forms and reports email from QuickBooks

QuickBooks allows you to send a variety of forms through e-mail.  You have the flexibility of  choosing from three methods; your own Web Mail account, Outlook or QuickBooks e-mail. This article will summarize each of the methods and walk you through the set up of each.

Email Overview

You can email forms and reports directly from QuickBooks using: